Since 2009

We are a local food trailer spreading the good word of grease, love and lard throughout Austin. Started in 2009, our work has been featured in local news, The Travel Channel, and most recently on The Food Network. We bring a touch of elevation to traditional comfort food through late night indulgence or full catering.

team member

Chris Cooper

Executive Deep Fryer


Originally from Denton, Texas, Chris has enjoyed living in the laid-back vibe of Austin for about ten years. Admittedly not a “classically trained” chef, Chris remembers watching and cooking from an early age, “Cooking with my mom is where I believe I got my passion for food.”

The concept for Lard Have Mercy started out as many food trailers do: after a night of drinking. “One drunken night, the conversation came up of all the crazy fried things in the world. So I decided I would try to make them (with my own twist) and use my nephew and his friends as guinea pigs.”

Within a year, the name was thought up, starting with meager beginnings in festivals, which then turned to catering, and now the ever famous food trailer is alive! “It’s amazing how a joke can really turn into a dream.”

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Austin, TX
(512) 629-3158

For catering inquiries feel free to call or email us.